How to sync all trip data with my calendar

This feature allows you to sync all of the data from Tripsy into your calendar. It's very simple to use, and you can share the link with anyone / any app you want. The calendar will be read-only, so it's not possible to change the information, everything is still managed by the Tripsy application.

To start syncing the data with your calendar, tap on "Preferences", and then "Calendar Sync".

The app will ask you for permission to access your calendar because we need to check if you already have the Tripsy calendar active. If you don't, we will provide you with a button to subscribe to your Tripsy calendar. Tap on it to subscribe, and in a few minutes, your trips and activities will show up in your calendar.

The calendar will only display trips and activities that have a date set. If you didn't set a date and time for your activities, they will be hidden from your calendar.

Identify your activities with emojis

Some people like to use emojis to quickly identify what kind of activity it is in the calendar (flight, museum, restaurant, etc). You can quickly enable or disable it to match your preferences

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