How to get started on Tripsy Automation

Step 1: How to setup Tripsy Automation

If you have a Tripsy Cloud account:

When you forward reservations to Tripsy, we need to identify your account. If you have a Tripsy Cloud account, don't worry, we'll identify all reservations sent to by the same email address that you use in Tripsy Cloud.

Setup multiple email addresses

If you want forward reservations by others email addresses, follow these steps:

Confirm Account:

Now you'll receive an email to confirm your account, take a look in your inbox and in the email click in the confirmation email button

Perfect! Now you need to forward all your reservations to, and we'll add all the details of your booking in your trip automatically.

Step 2: Forward your reservations

For every reservation that you forward, you'll receive an email and a push notification in the app with all the details that were imported into your Tripsy account.


If you created a trip in Tripsy, we would add your reservation automatically based on the trip date, but if we don't identify the trip, we'll create a new trip to add the reservation.

A new activity was imported in you trip:

We created a new trip based on you reservation:

Unfortunately, we can't identify your reservation:

There are some providers that we cannot identify at the moment. For every email that fails, we add it to our queue to start working on that if it's a valid reservation. 

What kind of reservation can I send?

Our technology is able to identify more than 550 providers with more than 12.000 reservation templates emails in 42 languages.

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