What's Included in Premium?

1. Multiple Devices Sync (iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch)

You can sync your information between your iPhone and iPad with a cloud account. Learn how to do it here.

2. Unlimited Documents (images, PDFs, tickets, etc.)

You can store any document on your trip or a specific activity by being a premium subscriber. Learn how to store documents here.

3. Unlimited Guests

Not traveling alone? Invite friends and family to join your itinerary, and everybody will have access to all information, like hotel addresses, flight numbers, documents, restaurants, and more. No need to keep sending information via other apps. Use one central point to keep everything organized and everyone up-to-date. You can learn how to share a trip here.

4. Forward your reservations via email

You can forward all of your reservations to us via email: flights, hotels, car rentals, trains, restaurants, etc., and Tripsy will organize them automatically for you. To learn more about this feature, there's a complete guide here.

5. Forward any email to Tripsy

You can forward any email to Tripsy with offline and quick access. You can learn more here.

6. Flight Alerts

Receive updates about gate changes, departure and arrival times, and baggage claim locations.

7. Unlimited trips

Non-subscribers have a limit of just 4 trips, so by being a premium subscriber, you can keep the history of all memories and places you visited. All information will be there forever with no limits.

8. 10-day Weather Forecast

See the weather conditions and temperatures with our 10-day weather forecast in all locations of your trip, directly from your itinerary.

9. Timezone Changes

See all timezone changes on your trip directly from your itinerary.

10. Calendar Sync

Sync all the data with your calendar app, having access to all the details without even opening Tripsy.

11. VIP Support

Pro users have a much quicker responses in our support queue.

You will be supporting our small team to continue to develop Tripsy

We are a small team, bootstrapped, and we want to have a sustainable business for many years, always respecting your privacy and improving our products. Thanks for your support! ❤️

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