Duplicating activities

To duplicate any activity in your trip, you have two options: 

  1. Duplicate directly from the list of activities
  2. Duplicate from the activity details. 

This page will explain how to do both.

Duplicate from the activities list

When you’re seeing your activities list, you can swipe any activity to the left to do some quick actions: change the dates quickly, delete the activity, and more actions (the “…” button). When tapping the "More Options" button, another menu will be presented with the “Duplicate activity” option. Tap on it and the activity will be duplicated.

Duplicate from the activity details

When you are viewing the details of any activity, at the bottom of the screen you will have a button called “More Actions”. Just tap on it, and another menu will show up. Then you can tap to duplicate the activity and another one will be created.

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