How to add activities from the Share Extension

Can't find Tripsy on the share extension sheet?

If you are trying to use our share extension, but cannot find the app, rebooting your device might make it show up again. This is a know issue on iOS, reported by us already to Apple, that sometimes hides some apps from the share extension sheet.

Reboot your device and you will probably see Tripsy when you try again. 😄🤓

How to use the Share Extension

Using the Share Extension of Tripsy allows you to insert data from one app to your itinerary. In this example we are going to present how to use it from Google Maps on iPadOS, but the steps are also valid for iOS.

1. Find the "Share" button on the app.

2. If Tripsy is not present on the list, tap on "More" at the end of the list

3. Tap "Edit" on the screen that's showing the apps you have installed so you can customize with your preferences.

4. Find Tripsy, and tap on the "+" button, the app will jump to the top, where are your favorites.

5. Move it to the top if you want, then it will be the first option.

6. Done, now you can tap on Tripsy icon and use the Share Extension to add new activities to your itinerary. 💯

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