When will I receive updates of my flights?

If you are a premium subscriber and you have the switch of "Alert Updates" enabled, our servers are going to be updating your flight constantly 48 hours before the departure date, being more frequently on the last 12 hours, because that's usually when the airports start adding a gate and terminal information.

Flight screen with "Alert Updates" enabledMake sure the flag "Alert Updates" is enabled.

My flight is not updated. What should I do?

Sometimes the airport or the airline doesn't provide the most updated information to any of the third parties that we use to provide you the flight information, but you can send us an email to support@tripsy.app so we can figure that out together and understand the situation.

What services are being currently used to update flight information?

We currently use the services of FlightAware together with our own server to get the most updated information to you.

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